New President just in time for Spring and the Governor’s Visit

L to R Laura Jara, Master of Cermonies, Eugenia and Ann.


Hello English readers and welcome to another blog from RC Olmué, from Ann Davenport….newly elected Club president on September 6th, when our ex-president and Club founder, Julio Rocha, resigned for medical reasons. Our new board of directors hit the ground running! We had one week to have our presentation ready for the first Official Visit of our District Governor, Miguel Tapia and his wife Eugenia. What a great team we have! All Committee chairs and their members worked tirelessly as the great professionals they are, to have all the documents ready that RI requires, including: The Strategic Plan, Guidelines for Effective Clubs,  committee projects outlined with goals, objectives, activities, indicators and designated people….whew! The meeting was a great success, and Eugenia was able to help form our RC Ladies committee with several members’ wives.  It is Springtime here in Chile, with flowers in bloom and new foals and calves leaping in the fields, farmers planting and our Club ready with Springtime fever to get going on our projects. We all send you warm greetings in celebration of Chilean Independence Day on the 18th of September. Viva Chile!

Visita Oficial GD Miguel y Sra. Eugenia a RCO

Miguel Tapia, Ann Davenport y Juan Cambiaso

Jueves 13 de septiembre Rotary Olmué recibió, en forma oficial, visita Gobernador de Distrito Miguel Tapia, donde Presidenta RCO Ann Davenport presentó el plan anual requerido por Rotary International, este plan que sigue la linea para los Clubes Eficaces fue trabajada por ella, junto a su Directiva actual que incluye a los presidentes de Comités Permanente.

GD Miguel asistió acompañado de su señora Eugenia Bravo quien formalizó la creación del Comité de Damas RCO  junto a algunas señoras de socios RCO como: Paulina Pardow, Marcela Bascopé  y Aida Navarrete.

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